Improper Waste Removal

Every home in California deals with garbage every day and some families use local recycling centers, while others use waste removal services and dumpsters to dispose of their waste.

Whether it is normal household rubbish or commercial rubbish, the removal of junk is all that matters at the end in order to have a better land and air. The main problem arises when it comes to removing toxic and hazardous wastes from the environment.

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Here are the main effects of improper rubbish removal.

1. Soil Deterioration

The main negative effect of improper waste removal is soil pollution. There are various types of contagious and hazardous chemicals which end up leaking in the land which deteriorates the quality of soil and groundwater also. Not only the plants grown on this soil will be full of diseases but the human who will survive on these plants will have to face a lot of illnesses.

That’s why it becomes important for every house to take care of the recycling management. Metals, glass, plastics and electronic wastes can be recycled easily at your local recycling center. One would only take a little time to separate waste in order to bring the recycling waste for a good cause.

2. Air pollution

Not only is the land polluted with waste but the waste which contain hazardous chemicals releases harmful gases if not disposed of properly. There are some plastics and papers which are burnt in the landfills and they emit a huge amount of gases and chemicals which are damaging the ozone layer also resulting in a greenhouse effect.

Waste which releases dioxins can also be risky for the health and release harmful chemicals into the air. Mainly the methane gas is released when waste is getting decomposed in the landfills and it is never beneficial for humans. Ultimately, the gas produced by landfill waste can be harmful and explosive which can harm the people living nearby the landfill area.

3. Water Pollution

The dangerous waste in the environment settles in the land and then pollutes the groundwater. Water is used for irrigation, drinking, and other household purposes and it can harmful for the people if they would consume such water. The waste can also lead to making the rivers and water streams to become dirtier and dangerous.

Sewage which is not treated by the municipal corporation can be harmful to the marine life which comes into contact with this polluted water. A huge amount of marine habitats can be threatened with water pollution.

4. The negative effect on human health

The health of the population can get worse with the improper disposal of garbage or waste. The population which lives near the landfills is mostly affected by it. The workers and employers at the landfills are at higher risk. The waste which is not handled properly can create skin infections and respiratory problems for the people.

5. Dangerous effect on animals and marine life

The waste handled with carelessness can have a hazardous effect on animals and marine life. Animals have to suffer the pollution after effects and they suffer from diseases because of it. Cigarette butts and Styrofoam are known for the cause of deaths of marine animals who consume them. The animals consuming grass and plants near the landfill area also get caught to diseases.

6. Birth of Disease-carrying pests

In sewage areas and polluted water, mosquitoes and dangerous rats breed and both of them are life-threatening. They create a huge amount of diseases in humans which can cause death. Malaria and dengue are the two life-threatening diseases caused by mosquitoes and rats cause leptospirosis and salmonellosis. That’s why one should ensure to have clean water near homes or society.

7. Bad effect on the local economy

Who doesn’t want to live in a clean and healthy society? Of course, everyone wants to and it can attract tourists and investors in the country. Everyone gets impressed by the cleanliness and that’s why it is very important for you to keep your society and country clean.

8. Missed recycling opportunities

Recycling also creates revenue for various people and the cities where there is no proper removal and recycling of waste miss the best opportunities to earn with it. Production of cheap resources is also missed with no recycling of waste.

9. The extreme change in climate

Due to the emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere, heat is getting trapped in larger amounts every year. This is resulting in a greenhouse effect which is the main reason for the rise in temperature in the world and in California, leading to all the fires we are getting accustomed to. People also have to sustain strong storms, floods, and droughts because of change in the environment.

10. Slow poison for Planet

We have only one planet to live on and we are being a lot careless in handling the waste on it. It is the responsibility of each and every person to take care of the Earth and no one will be responsible if our planet and children have to face danger.

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